Grace Lesce- Community Service


  1. On a walk back from a friends apartment, I decided to pick up a few pieces of trash I saw on the sidewalk along Lee Highway. I was by myself, so you can imagine the strange looks I got from other people walking by when they saw me taking pictures of the garbage and of me taking a timed photo of myself picking up the trash!:)
  2. img_0357I received 112 likes!
    1. img_0346img_0354img_0352 img_0349For the photo of myself picking up the garbage I managed to balance my phone on a garbage can, set the timer, and get this cool picture out of it, all without dropping my phone in then trash can! haha:)
  3. I think it is very important that we take  care of our planet. On my Instagram I challenged people to try and pick up a piece of garbage daily. The reasons why I think that taking care of our planet is important is because we only get one chance. If we destroy this Earth there are no second chances, there is no where else for the generations to come to live if we kill this planet. Without the Earth there would be no life.
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