Valeria Falcon Machi- Outdoor Service Project

As instructed by my Discovery Class, had to do a Service project during my fall break and what better way to serve the community then picking up trash left behind in my local park.
Not only did I feel super blessed to witness such a beautiful sunset and feel proud for making a difference in my community but I was also able to share the moment with my family
It’s truly refreshing to realize you’re making a difference in your community and helping the environment go back to its original untouched beauty. I Sincerely hope this post persuades and inspires others to join in and feel the need to come together to help the Environment
So instead of comical I wanted this post to seem inspirational and “tmblr-esq”, but i guess you could find my dorkiness quite comical.
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Momma and I showing each other what we found. We brought a little box from home to collect sea shells, but all I was able to find were little shell fragments, nothing pretty enough to take home. When I was little I used to love collecting sea shells, I used to think they were little sea jewels, so id collect them and try to make them into necklaces, never really got a chance to actually do it though.
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I’ll admit my dad was actually pretty hesitant to come, especially since he had just got back from work and wanted to rest. But although he would never admit it, I could tell he was enjoying it, probably had to do with the spectacular sunset view we had the entire time, and he left in a better mood than the one he had when we got there.
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In the end we were able to fill half the trash bag, doesn’t seem like a lot but since the trash we picked up was mostly comprised of bottle caps, fish lines,  small pieces of plastics, and a couple plastic bottles. The only trash can the park had that we saw was pretty flimsy,it was right on the beach and looked like it could easily get pushed over by the wind so we brought the trash bag home with us and put it in our trash cans.
And here are a couple extra photo’s we took on the trip
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got 60 likes on Instagram, 53 likes on Facebook, and a friend of mine even thanked me for the service:)

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Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky ⛵       ️-Rabindranath Tagore

Note to reader: I absolutely love this quote,  I love how it lead me to look at the clouds from a different perspective, and even further understand that the clouds in the quote are acting as a motif for life’s hardships and how even though you may not realize it now, if you step out the box, you may be able to see how those hardships could actually lead to something more beautiful and mesmerizing than you could ever imagine. Sort of like “the light at the end of the tunnel” kind of thing… lol as long as it not a truck coming your way.

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