Hayley Elizondo – Outdoor Service Project

Over fall break I stayed on campus. Since it was Kevin, my room mate and myself we ventured over to the park across from campus to clean it up. We found very little trash, which is a good thing, but the little bit we found we picked up. It felt very nice to be cleaning up our little next door park, especially with the amount of people we saw during our hour there. I think that doing little things like that and posting them can encourage others to do the same. They may not go out of their way to make a special trip to pick up trash, but if they are ever just out exploring and see some they will be more likely to pick it up. It is little things like that make the heart feel good. college-freshman-025

step one: spot the trash and begin your trek on saving the earth.


step two: become mother earth. college-freshman-034

last but not least… remember your three r’s and save the worldcollege-freshman-041

make sure you are always accompanied by friends.

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