Emma Zombro- Outdoor Service Project

For fall break I went home to visit family, friends, and my dog. I was really excited for this assignment because I love my local community back home and I view myself as an environmentally aware citizen. My original plan for his project was to spend time with two of my close friends who are still in high school and we were going to visit one of our favorite parks in the area, but they both cancelled on me so I did most of the project alone until I finally convinced (forced) my mom and boyfriend to join me. Instead of going to the park we just walked around my neighborhood; there was not very much trash to be picked up and I was very thankful for that because it made me appreciate living in such a beautiful and clean community. Below are some fun pictures from the experience!


For this photo I tried to capture a dramatic hair flip to make cleaning up litter look fun and exciting but what felt like one million photos later I still did not have a good picture and my neck hurt so this is the best I got!!


There’s really nothing funny about this bag of trash, but a jogger had a fun time laughing at me as I ran down the street for most of its contents because they kept blowing away in the wind so at least they got a good chuckle.

img_1086Get assigned to pick up trash with friends for homework. Have no friends to do it with. Pick up the trash by yourself. Remember that your boyfriend is back home to visit. Coincidentally pick up trash along the road that leads to his house. Somehow end up in his yard. Be just as shocked and surprised as he is. Force him to pick up trash with you. Catch you a date for the night.


I posted this photo on Instagram. The caption was “I’m picking up the trash!”- Chris.  Wow. So sweet :-). I am so proud that he takes beautifying his community so seriously!!!!

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