Week 2 Discovery Challenge

1. http://www.spawnak.com/post/social-media-outdoors-its-all-about-balance/
This article speaks about the balance people should have between the outdoors and social media. It may be great for the outdoors, as we can share with our community the great things outdoors, as long as you remember to enjoy the outdoors itself as well.
2. My friend Loea told me about how there was a way off the trail I had been walking on for weeks now. This new path led me to an open field surrounded by trees and high grass. It is actually kind of strange a place like that exists close by that doesn’t seem to have a real way to get there.
3. “Nature is cheaper than therapy.” – M. P. Zarrella
4. My favorite is the 4th picture because of how many different things in nature there are.
5. I posted a picture on Facebook of a sunset I took after going on a hike around the trail behind the school. I like it mainly because of the contrast of dark colors of the powerlines and the bright background from the sunset.

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