Due start of class Oct. 12th – outdoor service project

Due BEFORE class on Oct. 12th

Step 4: On the class blog, share your experience
Use category: Outdoor service project


  1. Explain what you did, where and whom you did it with.
  2. A screen capture of your social media post where we can see how many likes or any cool comments etc.
  3. Three photos (yourself in action, the group, the trash) with inspirational and humorous storytelling captions
  4. Explain how the choices you made for this assignment reflect what you learned about inspiring/recruiting others to participate in an outdoor activities through social media.

Every discover class has an opportunity to do a community service project. For our class we are having a contest for the most trash and funniest picture! A chance to get outside and to use your photography and social media skills.

Step 1: Get outside and pick up some trash with family or friends! Maybe it’s a trail or waterway near campus, maybe a favorite place back home, or maybe something totally new! Go out with at least two other people, they can be friends from home, family, or classmates, and pick up some trash to help the environment and make it a more beautiful place for everyone else who goes there. Have fun with it! Use it as a time to catch up and have a good time together!

Step 2: Have a goofy mini photo shoot. We want to show that taking care of your community and the environment can be fun! Take photos to share on your own social media. Think about what you have learned about the use of social media and taking photos – camera angle, composition and lighting and taking engaging images. Make sure you get at least one awesome photo of yourself (okay for someone else to take with your direction – make sure you review it!) and one of everyone in the group, and one of all the trash you collect. Have fun and be creative. (If you go out with classmates, you must all do your own photos and turn in the assignment separately.)

Step 3: Share at least one of your photos on your own social media. Think about what you have learned about social media, and think about what will get more people thinking about doing a simple trash pickup or getting involved in their own communities.

Step 4: On the class blog, share your experience, including:
Use category: Community Service

  1. Label your post “Your Name – Community Service”
  2. What you did and whom you did it with.
  3. A screen capture of your social media post (even better if we can see how many likes or any cool comments)
  4. All three photos (yourself, the group, the trash)
  5. Explain how the choices you made reflect what you learned from your research and what you learned from your classmates. Your goal is to get others inspired about picking up trash or caring for their own communities. Explain how the photos you took, the social media platform you chose to share it through, and the caption you posted were reflective of what you learned. (And remember all the advice about being authentic 😉
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