Alanoud Badeeb – Memorial Hike


“We are Determined that Before the Sun Sets on This Terrible Struggle our Flag will be Recognized Throughout the World as a Symbol of Freedom on the One Hand of Overwhelming Force on the Other.”


“In This Temple as in the Hearts of the People for Whom He Saved the Union the Memory of Abraham Lincoln is Enshrined Forever”


“It is not Enough to Say ” We Must not Wage War.” It isNecessary to Love Peace and Sacrifice for it. We Must Concentrate not Merely on the Negative Expulsion of War, But on the Positive Affirmation of Peace.”


“They Have Given Their Sons To the Military Services. They Have Stoked The Furnace and Hurried the Factory Wheels. They Have Made the Planes and Welded the Tanks, Riveted the Ships and Rolled the Shells.”


“They Fought Together As Brothers- In Arms. They Died Together and Now They Sleep Side by Side. To Them We Have A Solemn Obligation.”


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