Due start of class Sept 21st – Memorial hike

On September 14th – during Memorial hike

Visit the 5 memorials on the map provided and take at least each of the following photos at each memorial.
And photo or copy your favorite quote at each memorial.
Take landscape photos – hold your phone or camera horizontal

  1. Selfie with at least one classmate
  2. Establishing view – so it is obvious where you are
  3. Abstraction – e.g. shadow or reflection etc.
  4. Closeup
  5. Unusual camera angle – from on the ground or top looking down etc.
  6. A detail of the memorial – statue face or hands, top of a column or a carving, etc.

Before class starts on the 21st

  1. Add a comment to this assignment explaining why you think it is important to have national memorials?
    1. Title your post: Your full name – Memorial Hike
  2. Post your favorite selfie from the hike with at least one other student on a social media site of your choice with a storytelling reflective description
  3. Upload to the course website a screen capture of your social media posting
  4. Upload 5 photos to the course website — your best photos from each of the five memorials visited, which includes:

1. National World War II memorial
2. Martin Luther King Memorial
3. Korean War Veterans memorial
4 .Lincoln Memorial
5. Vietnam Veterans memorial

     5.  Add a caption to each photo using a quote you read on each of the memorials

    6. Use category: Memorial hike (if you don’t do this, your post will not appear on the website and you will not get credit for the assignment!)



12 Comments on “Due start of class Sept 21st – Memorial hike

  1. Hayley Elizondo – Memorial Hike

    Why I personally think it is important to have national memorials is because each one gives a history lesson, and a remembrance to the people who were directly affected by it. National memorials allow people to get outdoors and to learn a little history lesson. Just this past weekend being able to be at the World War II memorial when there were veterans there was a very heartfelt experience. These memorials and experiences allow for a very mind and eye opening point of view. Being able to go to these memorials and read the names or quotes from people who died or were involved with it is very important to have, because if we do not learn about our history we are destined to repeat it. I personally love going to memorials and being able to be immersed in the history

  2. Emma Zombro- Memorial Hike

    I think it’s important to have memorials because they pay tribute to either a significant event or person in history. These massive works of art allow people to come together to learn and remember and to hopefully never forget what each one stands for. One of my favorite things about memorials is that a lot of them stand where an event happened, I think this is especially neat because to see the memorial you have to travel to a new place and you get to see more of your country. My love for memorials started when I came here for school, going to visit them has become some of my favorite history lessons.

  3. Kyle Dinsmore – Memorial Hike

    Personally I believe memorials play a significant role in remembering as well as teaching about certain events and or people that have played a specific role in history. They also bring a diverse group of people together in that all backgrounds and ethnicities have been influenced by these specific events, so together they share a sense camaraderie. Memorials are also a way for generations to gain knowledge about each situation or person without forgetting important times in our past that has written our text books we study today.

  4. Kevin Kochel – Memorial Hike

    I belive it is important to have memorials so that people may remembe the past and how people fought for what they believed in. They serve as tribute towards those fallen who were not able to live long enough to see what they were fighting for, which means that we should treat the memorials and those acquainted with them with respect. Memorials are also a great source of information for people who are not informed about what may have occurred in the past.

  5. In my opinion, I think it is very important to have national memorials because memorials are a way to show our respect to the past and who fought for us. Each memorial represents a history and makes every person who sees it always remember what they stand for. With memorials we learn a different lessons from various country’s pasts and plan our future according to that lessons. Also, memorials gave us a chance to have something to show how grateful we are for each person who sacrificed for our future. They help us always remember the history and teach it to the next generations.

  6. Talia Santiago – Memorial Hike

    I believe that having national memorials is an extremely important reminder. Memorials teach us about our history and remind us of the both the victories and the lives lost/sacrifices made for our country. It is important to learn about the history of people and events in our country so we know both what we have done wrong, and what we have done right. History tends to repeat itself and learning about it can help us to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Memorials also pay tribute to these important figures and events in our history by honoring them and allowing us to show our respect and thanks.

  7. Alanoud Badeeb – Memorial Hike

    In my opinion, The National Memorials carry many stories about the American history so people can share their memories in one place. Also, new generations and foreigners can learn about the heritage of American by visiting the national memorials. There we all can feel the patriotic sense and feel proud about it. The national memorials are very important for the American culture.

  8. Kalie Standish- Memorial Hike
    I believe it is important to have national memorials because then we are able to celebrate or mourn the heroes of such tragic events, while being surrounded by others who are also celebrating or mourning. This secures a sense of community and unity.

  9. Personally, I feel it is very important to have memorials. Serving as a exhibit of our history, memorials help honor those who have fought for our country in many ways, to have the freedom we have today. As one of the memorials quotes
    “Freedom is not free.” The luxury we live in today does not come without a price. There were many lives lost in the making of this reality. Creating memorials to honor those who helped make a change in our country, never lets us forget the importance of the sacrifices they made.

  10. Elmer Argueta – Memorial Hike

    I believe that it is important to have national memorials to serve as reminders and story tellers. They are built for the nation and more specifically to commemorate the historical event that greatly impacted the nation. For all the veterans and citizens of the country they remember and learn the event in a more visual perspective. Without memorials there would not be as many reunions and anniversary events filled with people who have experienced the event themselves. They are emotional reminders and should be respected by all with the precision and care they were built with.

  11. Valeria Falcon Machi- Memorial Hike

    I personally feel that it’s important to have memorials to commemorate historical events and the lives affected by said events. It’s a great interactive alternative to just reading about it in books, and it really hits home to see veterans and others paying their respects for those who lost their lives during the historical events represented by the memorial. I also personally believe it’s an amazing opportunity to spend a couple hours in the outdoors and get some fresh air and appreciate everything our ancestors had to endure in order to give us the freedom we have today.

  12. Hannah Ratcliff- Memorial Hike

    I think that it is important to have national memorials because the people that they honor deserve to be remembered for either sacrificing their lives or having it taken from them, for the sake of protecting our country. The families of these people should feel like their loved ones death was not forgotten or for no reason. And from a financial perspective, memorials can generate a lot of tourists and more money for the place where it’s located. For example, D.C. is one of the biggest tourist destinations because of its memorials like the Lincoln memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, etc.

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