Hannah Ratcliff- Potomac Hike

All of these photos are posted on my Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskJ67GyB


#1- Selfie with at least one classmate:

Grace and I took this selfie under the bridge next to the Potomac… It took several tries and we still weren’t satisfied so we gave up and settled with what we had.


#2- Scenic View:

The sun disappeared behind a cloud for a brief moment to create this beautiful view of the Potomac. The blues and greens of this photo make it appear to be a cool and shady day but in reality, sweat was dripping from my forehead as I took this photo and the sun came back out 60 seconds later.


#3- Shadow or reflection:

Grace and I stopped traffic for this photo because our shadows looked best in the middle of the street… The man in the black pickup truck was very patient and didn’t beep his horn once the whole 3 attempts it took us to capture this moment.


#4- Closeup:

I learned that Kyle finds it entertaining to build rock structures.


#5- Your favorite photo from this adventure:

This is a lemonade/cookie stand run by a group of neighborhood friends that Grace and I passed on the way back to campus… They didn’t have cups or change, so we got no lemonade and paid $5 for a 75¢ cookie. It was only right that they at least let me take a picture of them.


#6- Insect, bird, plant, tree, or animal:

I believe this tree is a Shade tree, according to the Arlington, VA website (https://environment.arlingtonva.us/trees/plant-trees/recommended-trees/). I’m not sure of the species or genus, but it has very intense roots.

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