Grace Lesce- Potomac Hike Photos

  1. fullsizerender

The lighting was good, so we had to stop take a selfie.  It took a couple of tries but we got one!

2. fullsizerender-2

The perfections of nature all in one picture. The sky is so blue, the trees so green and the water so calm.

3. img_0119

Running into the middle of traffic was worth it for this gem. Our shadows are so clear is looks so cool!

4. img_0115

I had to stop and take this picture of the sign so I can always remember the fun time I had while hiking to the Potomac, let the adventures begin!

5. img_0142

Exploring my new backyard. I had to stop and find a rock to sit on because I’m so memorized by how serene the Potomac is!

6.  img_0100

This little buddy was standing all alone in a bed of weeds, I thought I’d give him some attention.

*My picture on Instagram got 90 likes*

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