Emma Zombro Potomac Hike


For the first discover class of the year we hiked down to the Potomac River. We walked through streams, jumped on rocks, and got to see some beautiful sceneries.



While we were sitting at the entrance to the Potomac River a few  Mallard ducks swam by and this one decided to hop up on this little rock to drink some water and soak up all the attention we were giving him.



This is a close up shot of an old rock that we used to climb up from the edge of the stream to get back on to the trail.
IMG_0761 (1)

The destination for our hike was so beautiful. From the rocks we sat on you could see the river stretch out to the right and the left. There were ducks floating around and people kayaking by.


This was my favorite picture from the hike because I thought this old abandoned structure was super cool and spoon.


What I like the most about this photo is that you can see all the layers placed on top of one another.


*photos were posted on Facebook, 10 likes collectively.*


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