You can see that people have migrated by the businesses.  For example, restaurants from different cuisines open because people from different cultures in the world have brought their food with them.  In Arlington, we found a Philippine restaurant.  Globalization occurs through international interactions, and often what motivates people to interact is economics.  As a, Read More

With the term “cultures” we are already splitting the World’s population in groups, and as consequence differences become obvious. This term leads to a paradox, since both in accepting a different culture and critizising it some form of discriminations takes place. The concept of cultures is nevertheless closely related to globalization. Throughout the globalization, Read More

The pictures taken in the neighbourhood that was assigned to us really surprised me. I didn’t expect to find so much evidence in this part of Groningen, so it was defenitely a learning moment for me. My school is based in this neighbourhood, so I bike through this streets  everyday, and I never payed, Read More

In some of the pictures we took we saw evidence of migration, for example the Jewish monument at Helpman. There lived a lot of Jewish people in Groningen until the WW2 when they were killed or transported.  Other thing in Groningen that shows evidence of migration is the music dome in the Sterrebos. This, Read More

In many of the pictures that we took, we found evidence of migration, for example, the Jewish Synagog located in Folkingestraat. Folkingestraat was home to a large Jewish community that flourished there until WWII. Another example of migration in Folkingestraat is the African restaurant that is located on the street. More evidence of migration, Read More

Van Asperen has introduced a very interesting that we often use within the courses of our study program. The three dimensions of monism, relativism and communicative moral universalism describe the set up of human mind sets quit well without eliminating alternatives. Personally I think though, that these dimensions are a process in its self., Read More

Again, too late – But better better later than never…. The timeline is done, and apparently we did a good job. Firstly, I am very happy with the way we as a whole team interact and arrange ourselves. Even though, we all have crazy packed schedules and besides University and this curse tons of, Read More

Based on van Asperen’s conceptual framework, the need to have a “culturally-different” mindset becomes very vital and critical. The concept opens our eyes to the knowledge that our differences in cultures is a key determinant of how we understand each other. This is because one human seems to be collective in their thoughts and, Read More

By engaging in the team project, I have learned and taken quite a number of issues to perspective. One of the issues that have crossed my mind hugely is the fact that we are bound to view and reason things differently on the basis of where we are located and how we view and, Read More

Looking at how globalization occurs, it is quite clear that one’s physical location has so much to do with his or her understanding of globalization. This is primarily because the nature of globalization by virtue of development shapes how we experience it. People in developed areas will definitely experience globalization differently than those in, Read More

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