Since one half of the class is located in Groningen and the other half in Arlington, it is easy to think of the class as ‘’us’’ and ‘’them’’. In the beginning of the course this was something I certainly felt, but by getting to know the people in our team from Arlington that feeling, Read More

Based upon my observations, immigrants find comfort and safety through familiarity and similarities to things native to their own country. This familial closeness that immigrants search for are what drive cultural establishments to be prevalent throughout communities. My group members and I found an abundance of culturally diverse businesses such as the German Pastry, Read More

The us-them dynamic was almost inevitable as we began working as a team in the beginning of the semester. I oftentimes find it prevalent when we work in our groups because of the way our team divides the work. We usually divide it between those in the US working on one part and those, Read More

  Team Anime found several pieces of evidence of migration within both the Arlington and Groningen communities. Each group had a photo of a restaurant, one building that serves three different restaurants including: Panda Bowl, Mexican Bar and Grill, and City Kabob and Curry House in Arlington. The other photo from Groningen was the “Amazing, Read More

The process of doing our photo journal essay took some times, but, through all of our combined efforts, I believe we were able to find some really incredible photos that effectively display globalization here in Arlington and across the pond in Groningen! The most evidence that we had that there was migration into our, Read More

Based on my observations, I found different evidences of migration in this area. I was able to find stores, restaurants, signs, and other connections to migration. Compared to other parts of the world, some restaurants like Spanish, and transportation stores like Audi are very linked to migration. Audi is a german company. The idea, Read More

The us-them dynamics from he article talks about how there are barriers between cultures. Not knowing how to interact with other people from different cultures or not knowing whether one would say something that might be considered insulting and/or discriminating does have an impact in the community. We can see this with the intercultural classrooms., Read More

The diversity of the Arlington-DC area is part of the reason why I chose to come here for college. The US’s international status makes DC a really important place for international relations, and this is reflected in the people who live here. What I did take from this lesson is that immigrants to the, Read More

I have thoroughly enjoyed the photo essay assignment because it forced up to leave campus and discover the diverse cultures around us. Team Anime visited Columbia Pike. This is said to be one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Arlington, VA. We found a Shell gas station which has been brought here by, Read More

The photo essay was an interesting project that caused me to realize the different forms of globalization prevalent in modern society that isn’t always noticeable. When our class was first assigned the project I thought it was going to be a difficult task trying to find various of examples of globalization aside from businesses., Read More

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