By the virtue that globalization impacts people differently, the aspect of location is a key influence in the manner by which we are affected by globalization. For this reason, one’s particular understanding of globalization may be largely influenced by how he or she has perceived globalization. Been in a developed country, my perception of, Read More

Grace Allen 12/4/2018 Global Village Blog Post #7 My journey of understanding globalization has been somewhat of an uphill battle I think truthfully before this class I had not thought about the concept of globalization much. My initial instinct was to find a definition and keep that definition, like if it fits in the, Read More

Writing my last blog, blogpost number 7, I can look back at a successful semester. A semester full of the subject globalization. Looking back, I can divide the semester in 3 different stages; the history of globalization, globalization nowadays and last but nog least, globalization in the future. All these different stages contributed to, Read More

My team and I found a sculpture in the Ballston area called “The Flame” which it was made by Ray King. The beacon can be seem anytime anyone enters and exits the area, and the sculpture can also be found all over the world. The photo that interested me the most was the one, Read More

This past photo essay project definitely taught me a lot; about intercultural communication, patience, and understanding. And by that I mean in all honesty this project was a struggle for me. I think my biggest issue is that I never fully delved into what globalization truly means for a community, both the local area, Read More

The pictures in Groningen and Arlington show that people migrate from one part of the world to another part of the world for various reasons. For instance, the African restaurant owner migrated from Algeria to the Netherlands, Groningen. I couldn’t find out what his reason for migrating was. People migrate all the time for, Read More

Looking back at the fieldwork we have done, if for nothing else, I have find out about Folkingestraat which turned out to be a really nice walking street in Groningen, with some lovely store and some nice restaurant, and apparently it is a famous shopping street in the Netherlands. While there was quite a, Read More

In my opinion, the framework described in the Intercultural paradox contains the most common perspectives on globalization. The most closed-minded us-them is mostly a common things for those rejecting globalization and viewing it as a threat. I think it comes from our biggest source of fear, the fear of something unknown. In this case, Read More

Last week we worked on a photo essay. This essay was carried out by the Hanze students in the area of Ebbingestraat in Groningen. The Arlington students carried it out on Lee Highway in Arlington. We both selected 5 pictures which, in our view, pointed out different kinds of globalization in that specific area., Read More

The picture of the Jewish monument  ( says that Jewish people lived in the Netherlands during the war. Modern Jews are named after and also descended from the southern Israelite Kindom of Judah. They somehow ended up in Groningen, so this is a sign of globalisation. The picture of the music dome in itself doesn’t, Read More

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