Wow, what a crazy ride this class has been! It seems like just a week ago that we were starting this class, and now in a few days we will be presenting our final timelines.  I have had great teammates who put up with so much from me, and were so patient with everything. , Read More

I remember when I was first assigned this class over the summer, I was extremely confused as to what it was.  When I went to the first day of classes, however, I was very excited to learn what this class was all about. I came to college with the goal of seeking to understand, Read More

My journey in understanding the complexity of globalization and intercultural communication has increased during the duration of this course. I was aware of the basics of globalization but did not know how it affected me and those around me. Each activity introduced me to new ideas as well as helped me continue to work, Read More

In this course I have began to learn the difficulties of navigating intercultural interactions.  Globalization is defined by Rennen and Marten as a “co-evolution” of “technological, cultural, economic, social, and environmental trends.”  It has been very difficult to think about globalization while working in a setting that it designed to replicate a globalized setting, Read More

My Journey in understanding of the complexity of globalization and intercultural communication was very interesting and useful. Each course activity was very helpful to gain understanding of the process of globalization and intercultural communication. The process of engaging with my teammates and discuss about  culture was a very good experience to learn about other, Read More

To be honest, at the beginning of this course I thought that globalization was simply putting something not traditionally American or traditionally familiar to that of the specific country and calling it an integration of globalization. To think that globalization had 5 dimensions was fascinating to me; furthermore, to think that it was a, Read More

When I first started this course I knew already that it would be a challenge. As a group we started with the highest gear, everybody was really excited and everything seemed so easy. But when the assignment started to build up in difficulty we had our first obstacles to pass. But because it was, Read More

For me, there were two incidents that stuck out the most in terms of personally experiencing the elements of globalization throughout my journey. One of them was not obvious to me; in fact Janine commented in one of my blog posts, ” Sometimes you feel like “we” is Team Anime and at other times “we”, Read More

It was a long journey to get where I am now and I believe it had started a lot earlier than the global village course. As I mentioned it multiple times in my previous blog posts, the fact that I am here is already a sign of globalization. In my opinion I had a, Read More

I have to say that in all honesty, this course was one of the most challenging for me. I am much more of a technical and mathematical thinker, so it definitely was difficult for me to analyze and think in such a different way than I normally do. However, I think that is the, Read More

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