Hi friends! I am Carolyn Treuting, but I prefer to go by Carol! I am a freshman at Marymount and a Fashion Merchandising Major with a minor in Business. I play women’s soccer for the Saints (wohoo) and I’m involved with the Honors Program and Fashion club on campus. My home is in Warrenton,, Read More

Hi everyone! I’m Gáspár Virágos and as you might see it from the name, I’m neither Dutch, nor American. I’m from Hungary, which is a small country in Europe, south-east from German. I’m in my third year at the Hanze University of Applied Science and my major is game design. This study would not, Read More

Hey Everyone! I am Natasha Beckmann and at the moment I’m in my third year of nursing. I work as a healthcare assistant in a nursing home which I really enjoy! Besides school and work, I like to go walking with my dog (a really sweet golden retriever) in the nature.    This is, Read More

Hi! My name is Carly Merrill, and I’m a first year student at Marymount University! I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I have spent most of my life living in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. I chose to go to college at Marymount University because of its unique location right outside of, Read More

Hi all! I’m so excited to meet all of you and to get a grasp on what academia is like in the Netherlands! This is my first virtual class and I am already loving it. ☻ To begin, I’m a Sophomore/2nd Year communications major and a business marketing minor who has tried (countless times) to, Read More

Hi, My name is Grace Allen and I am a freshmen/first-year at Marymount University. A little bit about me. I from Arlington Virginia, about a 15 min walk from Marymount’s main campus. I am a commuter as you can probably imagine I do walk to and from school. I have five siblings, three sisters, Read More

Hello, My name is Wendy van der Meulen and I’m a third-year (junior) bio-informatics student at the Hanze University for Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. I’ve always been very interested in space and in my free time, I like to climb or spend time with my boyfriend. I want to do this course because, Read More


Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Stadtmueller, and it is currently my last year at university, I will be graduating in the spring. My major is in Information Technology, with minors in Business and International Studies. I am looking forward to learning in this class because I believe it is so relevant to me;, Read More

Hello all! My name is Loes and I will be one of your teachers of this course. Welcome!

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