Hello Global Villagers, I have something to confess: I have fallen into the us-them dynamic rabbit hole. While trying to find evidence of globalisation in my local community I forgot that globalisation itself is about us and all I kept looking for is them. Their different culture, their different restaurants and cuisine, their different, Read More

Hello Global Villagers, There were definitely a number of factors which influenced my interactions while finishing the timeline. Though the processes went relatively smooth and the outcome was a timeline we could be proud to show-off and truly represented the collective effort put by the whole team. The timezone difference hands down was the, Read More

Blog 7 As self-reporting becomes more popular, blogging has offered untrained journalists an avenue for publishing their content. During this course, blog posts have been the primary means of expressing content learned in class. For example, the globalization timeline blog post 3 provided an opportunity for my first intercultural teamwork. Along the period of, Read More

As basically mentioned in every previous blog post’s of mine, globalization was a well known term for me but I have never experienced it in a way I did during this course. Personally, I really liked the overall set up of the course. By working this out with a team of which the other, Read More

Going out into the assigned area with eyes wide open was actually very special to me. Living in Groningen since four years now, I would say that I do know the city quit well.  Since Groningen is THE student city in whole Europe and I am following an international study program I am constantly, Read More

At first, my view on globalization was quite limited. I only saw the economic globalization and the fact that people can now travel around the world very easily, which makes it easier for diseases to spread. During our first assignment, we read an article about a globalization timeline and my eyes opened to the, Read More

  When I look back at this course, I learned a lot. During the creating of the materials we had to work together with the Americans and go deeper into globalization. In the beginning I was very enthusiastic and I went in with full energy. As we were proceed, I started to struggle, because, Read More

My journey and understanding of globalization has giving me a greater view on how globalization works, and have this class to thank for it. Globalization is part of a economic, technological, social, and cultural process of large scale, which has consisted with growing communication and interdependent between countries around the world. One of the, Read More

In the beginning of this course I knew we all are interconnected, but I didn’t realise exactly how much we are interconnected. The things I take for granted in my life, such as a bike or clothes, couldn’t possibly be here without globalization. But even small decisions in my life can impact the life, Read More

When the concept of this class was first revealed I was both excited and anxious about what the course would have in store for me over the semester. I was eager to work with students from the Netherlands but had reservations because of the possible difficulties from our different cultures. However my original beliefs, Read More

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