4. Michelle’s What I Learned

Hello Global Villagers,

There were definitely a number of factors which influenced my interactions while finishing the timeline. Though the processes went relatively smooth and the outcome was a timeline we could be proud to show-off and truly represented the collective effort put by the whole team.

The timezone difference hands down was the biggest obstacle. Personally, it is something I always try to be aware of but still struggle to calculate or take in consideration when certain plans didn’t happen in the timely matter we had all aimed to achieve. Plans fail, meeting starts a few minutes after we had agreed to meet and some sub-deadlines to achieve our final project within the group aren’t always delivered on time. Though not ideal, it’s alright and what I learned to understand is that it doesn’t happen from a negative or malicious intent, we trust in one another’s intentions and we know that co-ordinating from an ocean away is tricky, especially since we all other academic duties to attend to along with a personal life. Taking into consideration how we perform at different times of the day, the different activities we should be attending while we intend to meet as well as the lack of synch in our environments can contribute to our performance.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t believe that our subcultures necessarily influenced our interactions. I believe a common goal or a singular motivation amongst a group can transcend any differences. Our drive to achieve our dream timeline or do the best we can to achieve our academic goals simply unifies our efforts and allow great results, experiences and satisfaction to occur.

Thinking back at the communication of my team there would however be a number of things I would do differently. Start earlier. A reoccurring trend was to plan a single lengthy skype session where everything would be discussed and different tasks would be delegated to different members to individually carry out. Alternatively, I would suggest meeting more often and for a shorter amount of time to retain more attention and cater better to our schedules.

See you in the next one,

Michelle ^-^

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