5. Michelle’s Intercultural Paradox

Hello Global Villagers,

I have something to confess: I have fallen into the us-them dynamic rabbit hole. While trying to find evidence of globalisation in my local community I forgot that globalisation itself is about us and all I kept looking for is them. Their different culture, their different restaurants and cuisine, their different influence in the neighbourhood, them, them, them… I wish it was easier to identify the us rather than separative and categorising and further judging others. While I was trying to identify evidence of the different cultural groups in Korreweg, I was blind and almost unable to see the impact we collectively have in our community, the we, the us, the globalisation. I am more aware now to be more conscious and mindful of this almost instinctive separation I almost immediately make. Them as us to as we are them. That the spirit of globalisation. Their influence in our neighbourhood is our influence too and it shouldn’t be seen as two or more different impacts in our communities. We are one, and in a more culturally diverse Groningen community, we have to learn that we are all the same but each is unique.

Communicative Moral Universalism is an alternative to the intercultural ideology. It describes an approach which acknowledges that diverse view are possible and it is essential to engage in diversity-focused discussions and debates. This is definitely applicable to the interaction we carry out in team anime. We have a team which young woman from different cultures and subcultures. Every discussion we hold for our Global Village course offers a possibility to explore and learn our personal uniqueness but these very discussions allow for us to reshape our cultural views through these direct human interactions. It is our own responsibility and free choice and our right to engage in this change.

See you in the next one,

Michelle ^-^

  • Describe your thoughts on how the us-them dynamic applies to our research looking for global connections in the local community.

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