Blog Post #7

As basically mentioned in every previous blog post’s of mine, globalization was a well known term for me but I have never experienced it in a way I did during this course. Personally, I really liked the overall set up of the course. By working this out with a team of which the other half is sitting on the different side of the globe the whole global experience was very intensive. By looking back on globalization we all realized that globalization started way earlier than we all thought of. When analyzing the present we realized that globalization is more anchored in our day to day lives than we thought. Lastly, by looking into the future we all realized that the pace of globalization is only about to increase. I have always considered intercultural communication as something very important. Working on this topic with a team in a different country, in a different time zone underlined this believe. In order to work global we need to take intercultural communication so much into consideration. Only being able to communicate and understand different cultures we can keep up in this globalized world. Therefore, I personally think that cultural communication must be anchored within every educational path, otherwise the globalization process will leave you behind.

The most eye opening experience was looking into the future. By working on future events, I realized that this is what we will all be working on the more our life proceeds. It really motivated me because I realized that all these topics (if they come/are true or not) we can work on. We cannot change the past and we cannot change the present (already past now) but we can all work on the future and try to make the global village a better place.

After experiencing this course I can only say to future students to keep up the discussion during the course and talk a lot with each other. There is no right and wrong. Every one of us perceives and experiences globalization differently. By listening a lot and absorbing as much opinions as possible and engaging into discussion you can really expand your horizon about globalization and become an active member in shaping the future.

I have always perceived the world as not too big. But after participating the course the world really got smaller for me. Also, it made me more attentive to my surrounding wherever I am or will be.

Thank you to every one that participated in the course and made it a unique experience.

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