Blog post #7 – What have you learned in the course – Wendy van der Meulen

At first, my view on globalization was quite limited. I only saw the economic globalization and the fact that people can now travel around the world very easily, which makes it easier for diseases to spread. During our first assignment, we read an article about a globalization timeline and my eyes opened to the fact that there are a lot of sides to globalization that I didn’t know of before.
During the photo essay assignment, I learned that people from a different background can perceive globalization quite different. For example, the American students photographed a restaurant. I would never see that as globalization because often the foods served in restaurants with a foreign kitchen are nothing like the foods served in the country the restaurant claims their foods come from. But I took a photograph of a flag for a Montessori college here in the Netherlands and the others didn’t even think about that, but I have lots of friends who went to Montessori schools, so I saw that as globalization immediately.
During the creation of the future timeline, I noticed that advancements and problem-solving were often dependent on intercultural communication and technology. Without these, most of the events in our timeline couldn’t happen. This is also the relation between globalization and intercultural communication.

As an advice to future students in this course, I would say keep up to date with your blogs and let go of whatever you may think you know about other cultures. You get much better results without assumptions about culturesĀ and globalization beforehand.

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