Blog 7: What have you learned in the course


When I look back at this course, I learned a lot. During the creating of the materials we had to work together with the Americans and go deeper into globalization. In the beginning I was very enthusiastic and I went in with full energy. As we were proceed, I started to struggle, because we found out that the Americans are doing stuff differently than we do. This has sometimes caused some minor frustrations and we almost missed a deadline one time. After this, we looked together and discussed and agreed that we would take a different approach. We pushed the deadline ahead for ourselves and started to consult more. After this, things went very well and the assignments have been completed well In mine opinion.

Because of the different assignments, I found out more and more about the significance for globalization and what is involved. I liked that we worked from the past to the future. At the end I really realized what impact it could have on the present and the future because we are now working on it so intensively. In addition, there is also a lot to look at when working with Americans. We are used to other things and it took more energy and time than I had estimated at the beginning. I think the two processes fit together because I think globalization is mainly working with other countries and getting to know each other’s values.

An eye opener for me was the conversation with Janine. There were some frustrations and miscommunications in our group and Janine had requested a meeting with us. During the conversation she explained how the American system works and because of this I started to better understand how the Americans think. I found the conversation very useful and instructive.

For the students who are going to follow this course, I would like to take into account that you have to be open to others and look beyond your own values. Go and see how others approach things and how they are used to it and try to learn from them and see if you can apply something in your own daily life.

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