Blog Post #7

My journey and understanding of globalization has giving me a greater view on how globalization works, and have this class to thank for it. Globalization is part of a economic, technological, social, and cultural process of large scale, which has consisted with growing communication and interdependent between countries around the world. One of the blogs we did was an introduction of ourselves to the rest of the class. The second one was about our impressions with our new intercultural group and how we will all have things done and also how we will be communication with one another through out the semester. The third one was about what globalization meant for us. Fourth, it was a global timeline; and as I said it then I will said it now as well, the only problem we had as group was time difference and not having enough time to talk about our project, but if we could re-do it I believe that this time we will do a much more better work. Fifth post, was about the article us-them dynamics, which talk about barriers between cultures. How it was difficult to interact with others when one did not know whether something said could be considered insulting and/or discriminating. This article was a big eye-opening, since we as class had peers that where from the other side of the world who did not think like us, and vice versa.  Our last post was about the Photo project, in which we as a group had to go out to our community and find examples of globalization. One of the things that struck me the most was a Filipino restaurant in the Ballston area/Arlington, where they’re food was influence by countries near by like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Spain.

Intercultural communication took a huge part of our class. For all of our projects we all had to communicate with our peers in the Netherlands, about who does what and make sure that we are all doing our part. Timing was a challenge for us, most of the times we got to Skype was during class time and sometimes on the weekends but not for long. Most of our communications was through “WhatsApp” which was really helpful whenever someone was busy to chat; they could only go back to the texts and read what was going on and be all caught up.

My advice to other students who will be taking this course is; Make sure you go through the readings (carefully), make sure that everyone in your teams knows what is going on and keep them updated, communication will get you a long way, and lastly always ask questions and help from both Janine and Loes, they are there to help.

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