#7 What have you learned in the course?

In the beginning of this course I knew we all are interconnected, but I didn’t realise exactly how much we are interconnected. The things I take for granted in my life, such as a bike or clothes, couldn’t possibly be here without globalization. But even small decisions in my life can impact the life of someone on the other side of the globe. After reading the article of van Asperen I discovered how complex intercultural communication can be. I never thought about the complexity of intercultural communication, because most people around me are from the same culture. It was funny to realise that when you try to be thoughtful of someone else’s culture, you can be doing the exact opposite. Without globalization intercultural communication would’ve never been so important as it is nowadays. Because of globalization people are interconnected through the internet or by immigration. That means people of different cultural backgrounds with different norms and values have to live together. To make this happen, intercultural communication is essential. Without it, people wouldn’t understand each other, with all its consequences.

When I was making the timeline of globalization, I realised later on that most (if not all) of our events were focused on the western part of the world. We almost completely forgot the ‘’other’’ parts of the world. This shows how easy it is to only think of your ‘’own’’ part of the world. Although I would like to think of the whole world. Through this process I realised my way of thinking and could adapt it to a more ‘’global’’ way of thinking.

Later in class we were working with the iceberg and everyone predicted the future with all sorts of technology, but when we were asked to imagine our ‘’future of dreams’’ nobody even mentioned technology. I learned that technology is more of a ‘’ways to an end’’ than the ultimate goal. For instance we could use technology to make sure the available food on the planet is distributed equally all over the world. So from now on when I’m thinking about the future, I’ll think about technology as a way to my dream future.  

My advice to future global village students is to be clear to your teammates. If there is something you don’t understand or aren’t sure about: don’t hesitate but ask your teammates. When you don’t communicate clearly to your teammates, everyone does the assignment in a different way. Furthermore it is important to be open to each other and let everyone say what they want, therefore everybody can contribute to the assignment.

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