My Journey in understanding of the complexity of globalization and intercultural communication was very interesting and useful. Each course activity was very helpful to gain understanding of the process of globalization and intercultural communication. The process of engaging with my teammates and discuss about  culture was a very good experience to learn about other experiences and cultures. The different assignment we had for this class, required research, about photos, personal insights, presentations, notes and blog posts , to talk about group experiences. All of that steps, were required and helped me be more aware of globalization and intercultural communication. Globalization is related to intercultural communication, because both deal with culture worldwide. Globalization is a combination of different cultures, but in different concepts like politics/culture, environment, technology. And the way other companies may operate in different parts of the world with the same brand. Intercultural communication is the relationship with other people, from different cultures and backgrounds. Both globalization and intercultural communication deal with other cultures.

I think all of the moments, were eye-opening. The several ways to understand globalization, are surprising. The migration system was something that grabbed my attention. The understanding of people that go to other countries to have better opportunities , and are not treated the same way  as others. Due to the nationality, discrimination and other cultural reasons.

Based on my experiences , I advice to other students that are taking this class in the future, to have unity with their groups. For this course it is essential to stipulate days, to meet with the group, participate in suggestions, and be responsible of the individual part in a group project. Coordination is very important. Attendance is also very important. Make shore to complete all the blog posts, and send the assignments on time.Finally work hard and stay focus.

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