Summary (Blog #7)

It was a long journey to get where I am now and I believe it had started a lot earlier than the global village course. As I mentioned it multiple times in my previous blog posts, the fact that I am here is already a sign of globalization. In my opinion I had a fair knowledge on the topic from before, considering that it was and still is something which interests me greatly, however, and this is the primary reason why I thought it is useful for me to do this course, my actual experiences was all coming from Europe and despite having classmates and friends from different countries, I still felt I need to get a better understanding on the topic and that I need more actual experience. Previous to this year I was absolutely depressed when it came to look predicting the future, until our honors group had a presentation which showed me hope for a better future. It was the point where I decided that I would like to see a brighter future than what I envisioned. I have started to look for positive aspects and the possibilities on how can we make the future better, and I also started to think, how can I influence the future.

While the actual experience was more or less what I expected, the tasks and the small differences made the overall result valuable. My main issue with the actual assignments was that it felt like they are trying to teach or rather to made me realize things I think I already know. However if I can make an assumption, I think what they really meant to do was to get us, as a group with people with different backgrounds, interact with each other and deal with the differences and challenges coming from this. Despite this, there were certain moments during the assignments, what helped me to improve my knowledge and expand my vision on the globalization.

The first one was during the creation of the timeline, where I found it interesting that people from the US  had events believed that had a global impact, while for us it was just a small thing we barely heard about or did not give that  much significance. On the other hand it was a lot more difficult to get away from my own history view which centered around Europe and US and include Asia and Africa in a more reasonable and significant way when talking about globalization.

The second moment was during a class when we discussed the photos, and one of the groups had a picture about a pizzeria in Groningen. It is a known sign of globalization that a typical food of a culture can be found in a different country, what made this picture interesting was that it was targeting Arabic people with its products. It was a new step in the cultural mixing, and I found it really interesting.

The last one was more philosophical in the sense that it is less globalization focused. It was the latest class we had, where we had to create a vision of our predicted and our wanted future and the contrast was really sharp. While the predictions were full with technological and scientific elements, the wished future had almost nothing to do with it and was a lot more about believes and values. It was surprising to see how different the two and made me wonder if we could use those predicted technologies to achieve the wished future.

These tasks were all assignments related  but we also had groups where we had to solve our issues with intercultural communication. As surprising as it might sound, we didn’t had any big issues with working together and we were quite effective in creating a vision of the future acceptable for all of us. Although the small differences were usually on quite interesting topics or matters. Still, based on what I heard, we had a smooth cooperation in comparison to some other group. My biggest issue with the cooperation was that I am a morning person and I have my most productive state between 8 and 15. This meant that I will always be tired or at least not in a good mindset by the time that the meetings start. I don’t think there is a way around it unless people want to wake up at 5 in the morning in Arlington, which I highly doubt will happen.

Overall I found the course really helpful as it helps you understand globalization better and you can straight up experience it as well, and all happens within a secured context. What I think the most important is to have an open mindset and a curiosity towards the world an inner motivation to understand our present and look towards our future. Last but not least, we should always try to look for the good things in possibilities and predictions when it comes to the future and we are all responsible for it, there is always a borderline, we can never know if it is not our action which might just crosses it. We can all do small things and it is us, who are responsible for what is yet to come.

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