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When I first started this course I knew already that it would be a challenge. As a group we started with the highest gear, everybody was really excited and everything seemed so easy. But when the assignment started to build up in difficulty we had our first obstacles to pass. But because it was so challenging to organize eachother to meet and make evening calls, to agree on eachother’s ideas, the work we manage to put together has a high value. We got together as a result of Globalization: me coming to the Netherlands, this course connecting people overseas, us speaking English. But in the mean while we also contributed to Globalization building individual bridges connecting us to Arlington. I feel so much appredciation about meeting some people that I had to work with. Bright minds who really inspired me and even managed to change my ideas about some the future and the world itself.

I also really liked the class in which we connected with all the students of Arlington. It is so surprisingly easy to meet with an entire class on the other side of the world, although I know that to schedule it and finding the right connection was challenging for the teachers. But for us, it felt natural, it felt like they were actually an extension of our class. I was impressed by the mature and bright answer the Arlington students gave to Loes, maybe it was also because of English being their native language but still, I was looking up to them.

During the last to classes I experienced the most eye-opening moments: when we had to raise our hands about our opinion on the future, I was the only one in the Dutch class to raise my hand for a negative view about the future. In the Arlington class there were also only a couple of students agreeing with me. I respect people who are optimistic, I just felt that there is so much evil in the world, and the system controlling us is so powerful that I always felt I had no power. I was frustrated with my life, because I wanted to change things world wide. I know I can start with myself but when watching the news on television or the documentaries about animals and nature dying off because the global warming caused by humans, always reminded me how small I am and consequently how small the impact of my changes will be. So during this class I was trying to get in the mind of the people who saw a bright future, and it might have changed my opinion on it.

I started Honours in first place because I saw an opportunity in realizing some of my dreams about changing the future, but I was always thinking about the past and being angry about it. Last sumer, during a yoga retreat I started to focus more on the present and leave the past behind. Now, this course provided loads of insights about the past, but more importantly, the effects it had on the present and lastly how globalization will impact the future too. We had to made timelines but I feel like we have been through a wider timeline with our minds when going throught this program.

It was surprising to put on paper our ideas and thoughts about what will the future be like and what we wanted it to be. Discovering that technology is not among the things we wish to be is interesting. I always felt a bit lame compared to my friends, because I am really bad with technology and I refuse to be surrounded by it. I felt lonely opposing myself to the technological luxury. Then, in the last class I realized that none of us wanted it to be part of the future, or at least not as leading system.

Seeing that iceberg of thoughts we created in class opened my eyes. Why are we following these schemes if it is not in our desires anyways? I was always scared about George Orwell being right in the book 1984. This is what we are in now, being controlled by the technological devices we possess. It controls our social, romantic, educational, political and cultural life. Seeing that this is not what the majority wanted for the future, it opened other perspectives about the future. Maybe it will be a bright future after all. Maybe humanity will give value to the human contact, and use technology only for the sake of sustainable energy and medicine.

There were defenitely some challenges. For example, I really enjoyed making the effort of abandoning my own ideas and thoughts, to be able to imagine what it would be like from a completely neutral point of you. As if I would be born right now, with 22 and not having any education or cultural and environmental influence. Globalization is running fast, but it doesn’ t have to be like we think it is going to be. Everything can still happen, afterall. New discoveries, new intercultural connections might lead to a more sensitive and human world.

I appreciate what I learnt from this course in terms of history, and although I knew about some colonies and international markets it really increased my awareness about globalization. This is not all, seeing how different opinions can be in such an intercultural group was interestingly eye opening and rewarding.

I still did not cleared my mind about wether I see globalization as a positive or a negative effect, I guess I just accept that this is the thread on which humanity is walking. It has many colours, bright and dark ones and they are all leading to a future that might be a rainbow.

As an advice to students who would join this course in the following years I would say to close they’re eyes and jump, because after landing and opening their eyes again they would see that the world has changed. And I am really curious about what the definition about Globalization and what the timeline of students of the Global Village in 50 years would look like.

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