Blog Post #6

My team and I found a sculpture in the Ballston area called “The Flame” which it was made by Ray King. The beacon can be seem anytime anyone enters and exits the area, and the sculpture can also be found all over the world.

The photo that interested me the most was the one with the Filipino restaurant. I was so amused how their food is based on common food items that one usually hears about. Foods from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Spain, had become an influence towards the Filipino food. I think I can feel more connected to the Ballston community, mostly because I grew up on that area. Getting to know what things are around me, and where they have come from has given me a bigger picture on how one gets to see this like this because of Globalization

Each team member did their work, we all worked on specific pictures by finding out their history. It was really fun getting to know the different places in Groningen. i think most of the conversations we had were about trying to choose the right photos for this project and wanted to be specific and thought when explaining how our photographs represented globalization.   

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