Reflection on the fieldwork

Looking back at the fieldwork we have done, if for nothing else, I have find out about Folkingestraat which turned out to be a really nice walking street in Groningen, with some lovely store and some nice restaurant, and apparently it is a famous shopping street in the Netherlands. While there was quite a couple of things to look at and what expressed cultures on its own, it was more difficult to find things well representing globalization and mixing of cultures. This much is true to more and more place all around the world and as soon as we look at an area, we can see a lot more sign of cultural mixing and overarching effects of the various layers of globalization. In my opinion it was part of the reason why it was easier to take pictures about parts instead of individuals. We saw more sign of rapid growth of globalization from the near past, while we found quite a few signs of old historical elements, such as the traditional Dutch buildings.

As for me, I found the picture from Arlington with the logo of the Bayer München German football team. It surprised me, because it is not something I would have expect to see something like this in the US, even with the level of globalization as we are.

While each of us in the  group committed our own different perspective, while working on our global visions, I think we have one of the most mixed group, having over 5 different nation and culture represented in it in one way or another. In my case it is also has an additional perspective on the topic give my living in Groningen. It is hard to become a member of a local community in a different country, within a short time, but it gives me a lot better and a lot more objective view on globalization.

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