Based on my observations, I found different evidences of migration in this area. I was able to find stores, restaurants, signs, and other connections to migration. Compared to other parts of the world, some restaurants like Spanish, and transportation stores like Audi are very linked to migration. Audi is a german company. The idea of having stores and restaurants from other countries reinforces culture diversity, and migration evidences.The observations are related to globalization. In a sense that every place we found is very connected to culture.There are a variety of elements that are linked. Based on the way the world views other communities. And also related  environmentally, and economically. The photos that impressed me were the Shell  station and the welcome sign written in three languages. I was impressed with the background and the global connection. The shell station is a dutch company, and also functions in other countries all over the world. The sign was impressed for me , because it shows a very evident connection with culture diversity. It welcomes two different cultures: Spanish, and Arabic .I personally feel most connected with the global village.In my opinion we should be considered as a single community, and communicate with others.

Each member of my group , participated in helping, to choose the best places to take picture.It was very useful for all members of the group to go touring. Because everyone contributed.When creating the final project , we all talk about the pictures taken. After that we selected the best ones, and the ones that could have a global perspective. I took advantage of the diverse perspectives, because it was easier to develop an essay. Each one of the group had to research and do an essay for the photo given.As a group when we were in the field, we were discussing about the variety of restaurants, in the area. And also the variety of banks. We also notice that the area had a movie theater. When taking the pictures, we looked for different places relate to globalization , in Columbia Pike. The group was very dedicated , and did a good job, I feel that everyone gave an opinion. And together we came up with a final Photo essay.

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