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I have thoroughly enjoyed the photo essay assignment because it forced up to leave campus and discover the diverse cultures around us. Team Anime visited Columbia Pike. This is said to be one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Arlington, VA. We found a Shell gas station which has been brought here by the Dutch. Shell has become an international company that is only expanding to new places. Our group also saw a lot of small, family-owned international restaurants. We took a picture of this example as one building was serving three different cultures of food. People migrate to this area to start a new life and end up bringing their culture with them. This is how most of Columbia Pike developed. The houses and apartments surrounding the area are inhabited by those of all backgrounds and they have brought with them their cultural heritage. Food is a big way to share ones culture and it has become so Americanized to have easy access to foods from other countries. Globalization is constantly happening around us and it has benefited the Arlington community and economy greatly.

I really liked the photos we get on our trip especially the one of the Washington Hispanic Newspaper and the one of the three different restaurants. These two photos have a great impact on our photo essay as they show the strongest examples of globalization in our area. The Washington Hispanic was a newspaper created to be a voice for the Hispanic coming to Arlington to start a new life. This way they would not feel as out of place. The three restaurants in one building is an example of the many different types of cuisine brought over and how Americans have such easy access to them now. I personally feel connected to the global village. Everyone around us has a story, a background, a different way of life and we must all respect that. We can all get along if we were accepting and welcoming to those who are not exactly like us and help break down the barriers of stereotypes.

Everyone in Team Anime comes from a different family with a different heritage and that helps us to be more accepting of others cultures. Each picture came with a different idea or interpretation from our members. We had different thoughts about how something could be an example of globalization or how we wanted to picture to be taken. This helped us when creating the photo essay because we did not just have our bias about how we thought it was an example. We shared ideas over Skype and took notes. During our field experience, we talked about all the different examples we were finding and how we could explain it make sense. We also talked about the best way to put all our ideas on paper so they could be understood and it was not hard for someone to pick out why it was an example.

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