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The us-them dynamics from he article talks about how there are barriers between cultures. Not knowing how to interact with other people from different cultures or not knowing whether one would say something that might be considered insulting and/or discriminating does have an impact in the community. We can see this with the intercultural classrooms. One example is that at the beginning of the school year we were told that while Skyping with the class from the Netherlands we should not use our phone, and laptops while speaking to them since it would be considered rude.

The Communication Moral Universalism is described as someone who considers a person from another culture different from itself and not knowing what is on their mind or how they feel. But when getting to know them, working together, and accepting each others differences can be in the best interest of one another.

On our intercultural collaboration groups we did not have a us-them dynamic. We all learned from each others differences, and we treat each other equally as if we were part of one community.

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  1. Carolina – van Asperen’s article challenges many of the ideas we often take for granted when it comes to working with other groups who differ from our way of life. Let’s sit down and talk through the sections – I am really curious to learn if her ideas fit well with some of your own experiences.

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