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You can see that people have migrated by the businesses.  For example, restaurants from different cuisines open because people from different cultures in the world have brought their food with them.  In Arlington, we found a Philippine restaurant.  Globalization occurs through international interactions, and often what motivates people to interact is economics.  As a result, we have technologies such as the metro or bird scooters that have been inspired or developed in other parts of the world.  I was impressed by the sculpture that my group found which has sister sculptures in different cities in different continents.  I did not realize that an artist would choose to display art in Ballston that would mirror art around the world.  This again shows globalization because we share art with the world.  That being said, I still feel more connected to my local community of Arlington than I do with that of the entire globe through the global village.  I am used to the specific culture of Arlington in a way that I am not accustomed to the culture of anywhere else in the world.  An obvious example of this is language.  I’m used to only speaking English in Arlington.  Over the summer, I went to Italy where the main language is Italian.  Because I am not fluent in Italian, I did not feel as included in the Italian culture as much as I do here.

Each member of the group shared their own perspective when touring the community by providing input on which objects actually showed globalization.  For example, we found a Nature Conservancy building.  I would not have considered it to be globalization, bur Victoria pointed out that the Nature Conservancy actually does work across the world to improve the environment.  This shows global interconnectedness.  When creating the final project, we used diverse perspectives to describe what made each photo an example of globalization.  We did a video call, and each person read every description from both communities, Arlington and Groningen, and gave feedback about what to write.  By doing this, we were able to add many different reasons why each photo was evidence of globalization.

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