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Again, too late – But better better later than never….

The timeline is done, and apparently we did a good job. Firstly, I am very happy with the way we as a whole team interact and arrange ourselves. Even though, we all have crazy packed schedules and besides University and this curse tons of other things on out plate I think we are doing pretty well. So far, email and WhatsApp are our main communication medium besides weekly Skype or FaceTime sessions. Important messages are sent via email. This can be documents or longer evaluations. WhatsApp helped us to arrange our selves on the short notice. This was especially important before the deadline. There we could quickly share last minute improvements, tasks or coordinate who sends off what. Furthermore, limiting the communication means on two medias also enabled us to always stay on the same page. We worked together on a google doc and a google time line (shout out to google for providing this handy tool!). This also boosted our work, since we all could work on the project simultaneously.

The time difference did not affect our group that much. Though, the scheduled weekly sessions during class where definitely necessary to deliver such a good work. Also, the time difference boosted our work sometimes. Every time we in Groningen slept the Arlington students would work and vice versa. This meant that there was always something new that could be re-worked or discussed the next day. Besides that, our individual backgrounds such as cultures but also hobbies and sub-cultures influenced our work a lot. Coming up with a starting point of time line was not too hard. But finding events that everybody agreed on was more challenging. Everyone is influenced by different factors, thus everybody perceives events as differently important or puts them in different context to globalization. After we all through in our thoughts, ideas and events we had a huge pool of different events that needed to be filtered and put together in order to not make the time line explode. This took the most time but then also gave a lot of room for discussion and explanation. Connecting different events by reasoning but also trying to understand the opposite site was the most interesting part. I think everyone of us is proud of the end result 🙂

The end result in deed was a process and this process was a not always easy. I think there have been moments where some of us have been a little angry on the other half of the team or the other way around, I think this is very a natural and homogeneous process of group work and takes longer due to the distance and time difference we are apart. I want to complement all of us for not getting too frustrated, sorted out problems where they arose and then all got back on track and leveled the group work up. Having said this, I would suggest that reasoning is key. Explaining the others why one did it this way makes the understanding of the thinking process more transparent. This enables all team members to give better feedback but also to look behind the facade of the deliverable on the google doc.

All in all I am very happy with the outcome and I am very much looking forward to work out further assignments with my NUSAL-team!


You guys rock!! (The whole class of course):)

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