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By engaging in the team project, I have learned and taken quite a number of issues to perspective. One of the issues that have crossed my mind hugely is the fact that we are bound to view and reason things differently on the basis of where we are located and how we view and perceive others in different locations. This has a bigger effect prompted a divergent way of interaction with other people and also to understand their positions. In this regard, personal differences are one of the very critical aspects that influenced my interactions with others. Additionally, the idea that different people are exposed to different political and social-economic environments influenced my style of interaction. 

Communication is a very important aspect of understanding. Communication should not only be a matter of listening and speaking back and for this reason, one on one means of communication becomes very paramount. Between me and my members, our communication has been quite effective and affluent. The barriers of language and misunderstanding have not been quite a challenge. We have employed telecommunication means in a number of our communications and no big challenge has been encountered. However, I would emphasize a direct way of communication more so when asking questions that require one’s view or opinion. This is because it will be easier to capture non-verbal cues that are very critical in reading one’s mind. This is one of the very key aspects I would focus on if I happened to repeat the process once again. 

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