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Looking at how globalization occurs, it is quite clear that one’s physical location has so much to do with his or her understanding of globalization. This is primarily because the nature of globalization by virtue of development shapes how we experience it. People in developed areas will definitely experience globalization differently than those in less developed ones. This is pretty much defined by the idea that people in different places will have different experiences of the world around them. Reflecting on my decision-making process in regard to a building a timeline, it is important to attest that I judge everything by looking at both ends. I try as much to put myself in the position of others and try to reason from their end. By this, I purport that by conclusively expounding on the social background of others, I got to understand how different people perceive the world around them and their subsequent thoughts regarding globalization.

Based on the need to have a divergent thinking line about globalization, a peer review on people’s view on globalization is critically necessary. Peer reviewing will welcome advancement in ideas, evaluation of thoughts and criticism. Additionally, peer reviewing gives room for correction and insightful reasoning. This is because people are able to put different ideas and thoughts into perspective when they reason out together. The most critical questions that should be asked regarding globalization should be based along how people attribute political instruments, culture and the economy to production. This is because those are the key pillars that form ground for globalization to take place.

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