✰ #4 – Post-Project Evaluation ✰

My team members and I have busy schedules with two of us having full-time internships, one having 3 jobs, and one being a student athlete. We had to take into consideration each of our schedules; thus, causing us to have to finish our work a few days prior to the due date in order to be sure that we’d have enough time to review it as a group together. In regards to the time zone, we communicated the most during the weekends because that’s when we all found we had time off and free time to communicate. Wednesdays were vital to us since it was our class meeting time and so we made sure that we got as much as we could done on Wednesdays since it’s the one day throughout the week we could all meet together. It became a bit frustrating when we needed to finalize plans because of how different our two cultures were. In the US, we usually try to multitask and do things as fast as possible to avoid procrastination; however, in the Netherlands, I noticed my team members were laid back and didn’t worry about a thing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. I envy them and their ability to take a step back and take one thing at a time, ha! This shows how different cultures work together and it definitely was evident in our Globalization Timeline project. If we were to repeat this assignment, I believe we should divide the work up evenly. Initially, we had those in the Netherlands work on the Timeline while those in the US work on the written portion. Although we divided up the work, it was hard to communicate with one another because of our busy schedules which led us to having an imbalance. This imbalance could have caused one group to be unable to put in their part of the project. Thankfully, though, it didn’t. I believe we should also have our own personal timeline on when we should have different tasks completed so that we don’t feel overwhelmed once the due date is approaching.

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  1. Just curious – would your experience working on the project have been very different if you had divided your team in different partnerships – so if Jonas worked with Sam and Katie and Nikki worked with Jody?

    Loes – would you describe the Dutch way – more relaxed and laid back?

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