Blog Post #4

Working on the globalization timeline was a fun experience. Every person in the group did their part, if we had anything missing we will all talk it over as a group and fix it.

Besides having trouble with the time difference, the only other thing we had going on was miscommunication. I guess since we the (American group) and (Dutch group) live in opposite sides of the world, the way we speak can be misinterpret and think it means something completely different. When it does does not. Even with that, we still manage to put ideas on the table that worked towards the timeline.

Overall, I think our team did a great project. Maybe on our next project, I think we could read the project instructions carefully (since we missed the rest of the things that needing to go with the timeline).

One Comment on “Blog Post #4

  1. Carolina – be as specific as possible. Give examples of how you approached the assignment with different understandings or expectations. For instance – think about how these differences might be a reflection of the cultural context or even the educational systems that operate in each country?

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