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In our group time zone played a big factor in how we communicated. When it was only the afternoon here, it was night for our international group members. This made it a little difficult for us to all get onto Skype at once. Once we were all on,  we all got along really well and could all share our ideas equally. I know I am personally very busy outside of class with two jobs and school work so it was often hard for me to take time out of my busy schedule to meet with my group.

We use  WhatsApp to communicate via text and use Skype or Facetime to communicate face to face. Texting is easy when we all cant be in the same place at once or cannot be on the phone. Video chats helped so we could communicate faster and all be on the same page at once. If we were to do this assignment again, I would make sure I set aside enough time to put more effort into my part of the timeline and also to make our final presentation better.


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  1. Alyssa – it’s interesting that you found video chats to be the most efficient form of communication. In terms of building relationships, face-to-face is much more effective than texting or chats. Those relationships will become the key to your team’s success moving forward!

    Out of curiosity, have your team members discussed how much time students at each university expect to invest in studying for a particular class? For example, in the United States we start with the assumption that a full course load is equivalent to a full-time job (40 hrs per week). Five courses are considered a full-time load, so allocate 8 hrs per week to each of the five courses. Subtract the amount of time you spend in your class to arrive at the amount of time you should spend preparing for class and completing course readings and assignments outside of class. Using these guidelines, we meet once per week for 2.75 hrs, so you would expect to invest an average of 5 hrs and 15 minutes per week on this course outside of class.

    Is that similar or different from what is expected in the Netherlands?

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