Review on the first part

When looking back at the past weeks, I can see a lot of things what worked and some difficulties, but I believe we all learned a lot and we will improve our cooperation for the next part.

What worked was the overall coordination of our work. We managed to do our main assignment without any serious trouble and each of us was able to put their own part in it. I also believe we dealt with the cultural differences quite well and when we had meetings or messages, the communication happened in a way everyone is satisfied with. Last but not least, due to the fact that we all have different focuses in our study, we were able to cover and see a wide area of globalization.

What in my opinion caused the most difficulty to the group, was the time difference and that all of us has a fairly tightly packed schedule. These made it difficult to have Skype meetings where we can talk and see each other, and in a project work like this, I think it would be a lot more important, to have more of these kind of meetings.

As for my own contribution, I found it difficult to spend enough time on the project, as I am working officially 8 our a day for an internship. I was able to compensate it with a lot of technical work as I am the most experienced person with technology in our group. I think if I would have to repeat the project, I think I would made sure to have more time for everyone in the group to spend more time learning about each other, because I think we could get a lot more out of this.

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