What We Learn is How We Learn- BlogPost #4

By completing my first intercultural project, I definitely think that the most important skill I learned is patience. And I don’t mean that in a rude way, just that there are so many factors that differ when it comes the team members on the American side and the Dutch side. Of course, there is the issue of time difference; while the Americans might be sleeping, then the other team members are ready to work, and vice versa. This is also in addition to the fact that all of us have different obligations at different times. To be honest, it seemed like there would be no way we would be able to work together just based on time, but somehow we made it work, and i’m very proud of us!

The language barrier also seemed to be something that not necessarily stopped us from our work, but created some instances of miscommunication. For one, I had thought that one of my team members was being particularly sassy, and turns out it ended up being sarcasm, and was all in good fun. The issue was that I assumed that the “way” some of my team members English was perfected when it came to slang talk or intonation. But of course, that is not the case. So I realized how important clarification and reiteration can be, especially in a scenario like this.

I think overall our team did an amazing job of communicating and debating in a calm and timely manner. I think for the next project, maybe the most important thing for our team would be to read instructions carefully, and make sure that everyone on the team understands the duties for the project. Specifically for our team, we didn’t realize we had to add our timeline information IN ADDITION to the timeline; even though we had made the sheet, we hadn’t uploaded it. For this reason, I think clarity and communication are the most important “buzzwords” for our team.

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