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It is normal to find obstacles when working as a group with an ocean between team members, but it seems that in one way or another we manage to work together and get the assignments done.

The different time zone defenitly made it hard to work, especially because we would always take contact when it would be evening over here. I had to train for an important race in this period and in the evening I would always be very tired, but every time I would go to sleep early I would miss some important messages from the group. I was stressing about it, fortunatelly, the girls are quite flexible and undrestanding so ( I think) nobody got annoyed from it.

I am also not really used to do assignments on my own for the group, I am used to discuss ideas and find the best one through dialogues, but I do understand that this is the quickest way to reach the end result and it is still okay. I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed from the fact that I spent so much time on finding dates for the timeline and I wouldn’t see any additional ones in the document from the other group members, I was not understanding what was happening or the reason why nobody was going on with the assignment. But all this confusion and frustration is gone now, that we managed to find a solution to everything.

If it would be possible to make the timeline again, than I would spend more time talking during the skype calls, maybe even working together on the google drive document while we are still calling to have more possibilities to discuss each part.

But at the end of the story, despite all the little obstacles, we are still bright girls who give their best for each assignment, and I am confident about improving our organization in the uncoming tasks.

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