Blog#4 What we learn is also how we learn.

The group assignment was a very good experience. I had a positive balance of the overall work we have done to complete a final assignment.I think that working in groups sometimes can be challenging, because we have to separate a great amount of work for each member of the group. And make shore we maintain the contact to remind everyone in the group what to do. This was not the case in our group , because we were very organized, with deadlines, contact information, and days for group meetings to discuss about the projects.

The factors that influenced my interactions, was the time zone differences, sharing different experiences with the group and also working with girls from different cultures. We tried to meet with Marlene and Michele, in a time that worked best in the US and in the Netherlands. The good part of doing this assignments and connecting with people from other cultures, is that we share and learn different experiences.

In my opinion, we had a good communication process. I think the overall assignment was good. We were able to decide as a group, what we would do for the final digital timeline. Everyone in the group contributed to search for events, and do voice memos with the events chosen. So in my opinion, if i repeat this assignment i think i would rely on images that we created as a group. I will follow the teachers feedback.


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  1. Sofiana – It sounds like your team has developed a strong working relationship – this will be important moving forward! As you write your posts, include as many specific examples as you can and make connections to the course readings!

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