Blog Post #4

Grace Allen


Blog Post #4


Some factors that influenced our interactions, was the time 6-hour time difference. We had to keep double checking that we understood the time that worked best for everyone and more than once there was a misunderstanding on what time we were actually meeting. I think my own experience with intercultural interaction influenced the way I interact, I think I’m always double checking with people that we are all on the same page. I never want to just assume that people understand what I mean because in my experience many times people are not. I think I’m also maybe super aware of the stereotype of Americans being controlling, so I try to counter that.

I think the communication between members has improved a lot as we have become more comfortable with each other. I think that I would make more of an effort to respond quickly and making sure that I am touching base with everyone more often. I think I would also stress the importance of all the members being able to skype together because I think these skypes are very important.

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  1. Grace – you do a good job of describing the process of interacting with your team mates to ensure understanding. What personal experiences led you to taking this approach? I am curious — do you use the same process for group work in the US versus across the ocean? Have you noticed any differences in expectations – do all group members confirm mutual understanding or do some team mates assume everyone holds the same view?

  2. Well, I think that it was a combination of both side’s opinions to how we settled on the form of group work. We definitely needed to split up the work so the group projects tend to be more individualistic. I am not entirely sure how group work is done in NL but I would assume that it would follow a similar pattern of splitting up the work and then combining and discussing what everyone found. I do no think I have noticed any different expectations, I mean everyone is very clear about what needs to get done. Also if there is a problem or confusion we ask each other and try to make sure everyone is on the same page. I would say most members confirm mutual understanding and we try to get everyone viewpoints and questions in and answered.

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