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it took me way to long, but here I am again. I have to admit that this course grabs my thoughts way beyond the scheduled hours. How crazy is the fact that you can actually see globalization everywhere. Yesterday night I had a nice glas of wine with my roommates. We talked about how people eat and how food is sourced. The fact that it is not only one country that has to feed its population but rather every country has to make sure to feed the whole world is such a complex fact to think about. Globalization affects our daily lives beyond the scope that we feel it.

Personally, I would say that I have always seen my little tiny world interconnected to the rest of this planet. Though, I have never thought so much about the term than I did now. For me I think, the world was just a smaller place than for other people. Globalization meant for me that it is no problem to purchase products from overseas but also to travel to the other side of the world in no time. Being open to everyone and everything was for me key to absorb and live “global”.

Therefore, I was glad when we decided on using events within our time line that have effected our perception and lives in regard of globalization. As we started our research on events I was very eager to only find events that had directly impacted me and my global life. Though, I started to realize that globalization (is there a synonym for this word?) goes way beyond the events that have affect our lives so far. Today, nothing happens without having an effect on our lives or at least execrating a whole chain of events. Best example is the trade war between the US. and China. All other countries on this planet suffer under these circumstances.

In previous times event have been interconnected as well, I just never thought about it. For example, one of our events on our timeline was the fall of the Berlin wall. Of course, this event single event has a huge impact on my life now but was the result of many other events through out the world. Therefore, it is actually not enough to stat only the fall of the Berlin wall. Best would have been to search for the chain of events that have happened previously in order to find out about the size of the whole.

This also has affected our decisions on certain events. We all gathered events that we wanted to put in the time line and then looked for similarities and overlap. Even though, we as a group are sitting apart thousands of kilometer (miles) we did have similar events that we wanted to put into the time line. That means, we did have similar perceptions of events that affected our global world. Isn’t this also some form of globalization (the same globalized mindset).

Now, I can say that globalization is way more complex than I have ever perceived or experienced it. When thinking of one topic that at first has nothing to do with globalization, I can defiantly make the global connection. I believe what ever we are doing, we must ask our selves strings do I pull on a global scale when doing this.

Have a great weekend:)

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