Hi, everyone!

My name is Sofiana Mbakassy, I am from Angola. Angola is in Southern Africa, my first language is Portuguese.I grew up in Angola and then i came to the US, for English classes and for a Bachelor’s degree. I started has an Interior design major , but after i changed to Sociology. Right now I am a Senior. I live hear in the United States with my siblings. My parents live in Angola but sometimes come to U.S to see us.

I have an appreciation of contacting with other cultures. I know a lot of countries, since i like to travel a lot. Overall i visited three continents, such as Europe, Africa , and America. I am planning to visit Asia, but i have been to Dubai.I have a variety of experiences with different cultures. I think is very interesting because we are able to share , curiosities about the interesting facts about other cultures. And also learn from it.

My brother is from Spain, i used to live there when i was a child. So with all of the experience i had with other cultures, i was able to learn more languages . Now i speak portuguese, spanish , english and some french.In my free time,i like to watch movies, to read, and i also like to go to the gym and swim.

I think the experience of connecting with people from other continent will be interesting!

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