Globalization Perspectives

Globalization can be looked at from many different angles, depending from where somebody is from, where they lives, how much they traveled and any other experience, which influenced their view on it. In our group, each of us had slightly different perspectives but after some discussion, we agreed, that globalization is more of a process, evolving with mankind together, and by becoming aware of it, caused us to talk about it as it is in nowadays. We agreed to focus on events, what had a global effect, whether they were positive or negative.

As somebody, living already abroad, I think I have a bit wider perspective than an average person, however sometimes I found it difficult to think on a world scale, instead of European. As the way we learn about history I think it is one of the main factor deciding our way of looking at globalization. While for us it was centered around Europe’s history, we learned about worldwide events as well, which helped, but to fully understand the scale of intertwined events we would require a lot deeper understanding on globalization. Visiting other countries and living abroad can open up our eyes to new things and an international environment can help us and these are great opportunities to start to see a bigger picture.

When we look at globalization, a basic understanding on what it is required in order to do anything with it. However, the most important question should not be about to perfectly define globalization, but rather about its effect nowadays and in the future and how are we going to live with it.

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  1. Interesting observations about the role of education and the value of multiple perspectives. I am curious about what you think — in a globally networked classroom in which students come from regions of the world other than just Europe or the US, does it become possible to gain a broader understanding of globalization?

    • It is definitely not as effective as if we would visit those countries on our own, however, I do think it can hep develop a better understanding on globalization. As an example, in my game design class we have people from Mexico and from asian countries as well, and I learned some about their countries and learned about how they see the world. I think the most important, is to be open and have the initiation in an intercultural environment, because these can help us learn the most.

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