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I definitely am aware that I have a very Western view-point. The history lessons I learned in school, the opinions I have and what I grew up with all apply and are related to me being born and raised in the United States. Even more so, I am from South Carolina, somewhere not necessarily as diverse as more cosmopolitan parts of the world. However, I realized this; one of the biggest reasons I chose to go to university in DC was because it was such a diverse and exciting place to live.

Now looking at the events I chose, they all seem to revolve around the western world. However, I also found that when using any search engine in general, there is not that much information on globalization in the Eastern World; at least in my experience. I definitely think this is because the internet is a Western invention; since the internet is how the research is being conducted, we are only receiving links and information relevant to the Western world.

As far as my teammates, we definitely had some variance in what we thought would be important or not. Even though we are all from “the Western World,” we still have variance in our thinking in the USA and the Netherlands. therefore, having each-other review what we put, or peer-review, we were able to question each-other’s thought process, and think more objectively.

After working on this timeline, I think the most important question to ask is who, specifically is “globalized” by the event. In other words, what specific group of people is affected (location, socio economic class, culture); and therefore, is the event really a globalization event?


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  1. Hello Victoria,
    It seems that you have had some interesting discussions within your group! Your question of who is affected and therefor questioning whether it is globalized or not, raises more question. Can something be completely localized and yet still affect the globe?
    I am also fascinated in your observation of the customized links that popped up. Are there any other explanations possible? How globalization is the internet really?
    Good luck on your future projects, it seems like you are off to a good start!

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