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Globalization is an economic, technological, social, and cultural process of large scale, which consists of the growing communication and interdependence between different countries of the world. Through globalization, the markets, societies, and cultures of individual nations are unifying through a series of social, economic and political transformations that give them a global nature.

I’m from Ecuador, a country where globalization has had both positive and negative effects. Ideally, globalization may eventually benefit Ecuador by providing the nation with new technologies to advance its’ industrialization and create better products for both internal consumption and external exportation. This is a very different context from the US and the Netherlands. My team would talk about events that occured in Arlington of which I had no knowledge, causing me to realize how far behind I am on several global events. We should all be asking what the long-term implications are for globalization and what will happen to different countries (like mine) as a result.

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  1. Carolina – The beauty of our global classroom is that students have the chance to learn about other places from where they grew up! Rather than being “behind” — you bring different experiences to the conversation that can help us better understand the experience of globalization. We hope that you will share your observations from Ecuador so we can expand our view beyond in the US or European context!!

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