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I think being from the U.S. seriously influences my view of globalization, but I think it would influence anyone because you will put everything in the context of where you are from. I think that the events that we chose are the one we would think are the most important to us, but they may not be the same to those who live in Groningen or Arlington. I wonder what would be the difference between someone making the timeline of where they live rather than somewhere they have never been. We made the decisions based on what people said, and after discussing the different points of view we came to the ultimate decision. I think that some members think of globalization as a process that developed with humanity, therefore, it does not have a starting point. Although people may not have been aware of globalization as we are now, it still could be globalization.  People’s social location influences the selection of events, because all events are put into the context of what you expirence, and you can only imagine that is what is important to those people. I think is it important to acknowledge the way we view ideas and events, but to be open to different perspectives. I think peer review is extremely important to this project because each person has a different background and perspective on what is important to get that information helps your perspective expand. I think the important question about globalization is where it is going? We spend time discussing how it started, which we need to understand its path forward. But I think we should ask ourselves do we know where globalization will lead?

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  1. Hello Grace,
    I agree with your observation that a timeline is a reflection of your frame of reference. You mentioned having an intercultural group helps you expand your perspective. It’s good to hear that you had good discussions. Can you give an example of an insight you had after discussing the timeline? A change in perspective? Further in this course we will address the future of globalization, so stay tuned!

    • Well, I did not originally think that Globalization began with humankind, but after discussing it more with my team I could definitely understand that perspective.

  2. I also think that the peer review that we did is a form of globalization because many of us are coming from different places and as a result, we are bringing the influences from where we are from. I think globalization is an exchange of ideas and as we discussed the timeline and how globalization began. I think another aspect that came from our discussion was what is our reaction to globalization, what are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization? Also has or how has globalization impacted us as individuals?

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